Monday, July 21, 2008

Irregular Choice

Yes, I got these at a store called Irregular Choice in Soho.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh yeah....Garrit!

Heres us on our dear one year anniversary. Nice view eh?

Just me and one teeny-tiny pelligrino.

I'm in love with these things!
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Why why why?

Why, I ask. Why do so many obvious art-haters attend art museums? I went to the MOMA on a leisurely Monday afternoon and what do you think I found? Wonderfully creative works of art? Wrong. I found thousands and thousands of tourists in large groups(and with their many very young children) wandering around speaking and laughing very loudly throughout the building! Were any of them there for the art? No! Why would you want to quietly ponder art in a beautiful museum? Wouldn't you rather snap pictures of every single item on display and then view them at home in a slide show on your personal computer? Well, this is the one and only picture I took in the MOMA. I was standing in a little corner window trying to hide from the ruthless "art lovers."
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Really? Sounds very interesting...

Me, sitting in central park during a work meeting! I was very involved.
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ceviche anyone?

Just a couple...well actually only ONE...drunken fool. If only John could take a decent picture, maybe we wouldn't look so obnoxious.

memory lane...

My old home sweet home in Thatcher. Sigh. I wish my parents had never sold it. Now it just sits empty and so sad. Nothing but a pile of trash bags out front, and me on a post, to keep it company.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hi, this is us